Establishment of QREC

The Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University (QREC) was established against the backdrop of Kyushu University’s growing need to work systematically on entrepreneurship education that encourages students to challenge themselves to create new values, as well as MOT (Management of Technology) education, which shows students how they can transfer their research results and technologies to society. Dr. Robert T. Huang, a prominent alumnus of Kyushu University who has achieved significant success in the United States, made a substantial donation to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Kyushu University. With his funding, Kyushu University reorganized and reshaped its Venture Business Laboratory, where the main activity had been supporting R& D projects to facilitate venture businesses, into QREC. The great success of the Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Program of Kyushu University (QREP), which has been held in Silicon Valley annually since 2006, prompted Dr. Huang to make a donation toward the establishment of QREC. QREC bears a significant role in bestowing upon many more students the results yielded by QREP, and in spreading its spirit as a full-fledged entrepreneurship education and research center.

What We Do

QREC provides both undergraduate and graduate students at Kyushu University with systematic, pragmatic, and interdisciplinary education concerning entrepreneurship, while carrying out R & D activities on entrepreneurship in collaboration with leading national and international universities and research institutes that are highly recognized in terms of entrepreneurship education.

QREC focuses on the following six activities

Developing future leaders who will play active roles in the global arena

  1. Operating and managing business incubation facilities
  2.  Assisting with R & D activities concerning venture businesses
  3. Disseminating information on entrepreneurship, and carrying out exchange activities with domestic and overseas institutes to promote closer collaboration
  4. Carrying out social and regional entrepreneurship activities in collaboration with the community
  5. Providing all students in Kyushu University with advanced and systematic education concerning entrepreneurship
  6. Conducting research on entrepreneurship and effective methods of entrepreneurship education.

Through these efforts, QREC aims to achieve our objectives, which include leadership development at Kyushu University, further internationalization and effective branding of Kyushu University, and the enhancement of social cohesion by promoting industry-academia collaboration.

Our Mission

  • QREC provides students at Kyushu University with a leading entrepreneurship education that will produce future entrepreneurial leaders can spread their wings internationally, and with a sense of independence and ambition, a global point of view, and a willingness to actively create new values.
  • QREC strives to develop talented individuals who will challenge themselves to not only start new ventures but also create new values in a large company, in academia, and in any other field in society.
  • QREC serves as a hub for the nurturing of entrepreneurship in our region


[The Talents We Foster]

The ability to discover and/or create an opportunity by one’s self, to set one’s goals and to find the path to achieve them

The willingness to challenge one’s self to create new values

A sense of independence

The knowledge and ability to observe society and the world from a broader point of view (“T-shaped people”, “Global talent”)

The motivation to utilize knowledge in society, as well as the ability to create practical value (“MOT people”)

Our Goal

QREC aims to be an internationally competitive and unique organization that trains students to respond to present-day challenges such as business in emerging countries and social business. QREC strives to be one of the top full-fledged entrepreneurship education and research centers not only in Kyushu and Japan, but also in Asia.



GLOBAL:QREC is building its network with universities and industries in the United States, Asia, and other parts of the world. In doing so, QREC aims to design a curriculum that meets international standards, while actively promoting international exchange activities for students and faculty members. Additionally, QREC encourages foreign students to take an active part in QREC programs. Their participation brings diversity to the learning environment at QREC.



PRACTICAL:The courses QREC offers to students are not limited to classroom lectures. The curricula of QREC include case study analyses, lectures by invited active entrepreneurs, Project Based Learning, and interactive discussions. In this way, QREC provides students with a practical, dynamic, and interdisciplinary education. Moreover, in cooperation with industry, QREC holds lectures jointly with its partner companies, and promotes internship programs.



DESIGN:In order to produce new social value, we need to find and identify the problems, and then “design” how we solve them. Enhancing a person’s ability to design and generate an idea will help that person fulfill a personal dream, and QREC aims at developing each student’s ability to design.

Our Strength

Systematic entrepreneurship education intended for both undergraduate and graduate students

-QREC is Japan’s first institute to offer systematic and integrated entrepreneurship education programs for students from both undergraduate and graduate school.


A combination of entrepreneurship education and MOT education

-QREC gives a broader definition to “entrepreneurship education,” and offers comprehensive education programs with the aim of producing future leaders.


Global perspectives

In collaboration with MIT and other leading international universities, QREC ensures opportunities for people to interact with the best resources available overseas. QREC also encourages foreign students to take an active part in QREC programs, and promotes collaboration with the International School of Arts and Sciences of Kyushu University (a new department in the planning stage), so that it can teach students to acquire global perspectives.


Interdisciplinary education programs, Students from diverse backgrounds

-QREC sets up and runs education programs jointly with other departments and schools of Kyushu University, including the Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Bioenvironmental Science, Graduate School of Design, and the 21st Century Program. QREC promotes interdisciplinary projects, and encourages students who come from diverse backgrounds to learn and work together.


Practical approach to industry-academia collaboration

-QREC encourages students to participate in international student organizations for networking purposes, while promoting interactive and student-participation programs.QREC uses the case study method to offer practical, hands-on training.QREC asks industries for their active participation in providing human resources and opportunities for practical training programs.


Responding to today’s needs

-QREC responds to today’s diverse new trends, such as businesses in emerging markets and social entrepreneurship.

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