Cooperative Efforts with Kyushu University Departments

QREC furthered the expansion of cooperative relationships with Kyushu University departments in order to increase the number of students in its courses and to secure educational resources as well as to heighten recognition of QREC activities.
During the 2015 academic year too, QREC is attempting to collaborate with organizations within and outside the University in both teaching and events, thereby enriching the curricula provided.


Cooperative Efforts with Japanese/Overseas Organizations

We have built a complementary relationship for utilizing external resources not available in the university and implemented external know-how. We have also expanded our sphere of activity by broadening our network and our collaborations with non-university organizations and we are working on even greater collaborations that will secure opportunities for our students to acquire experience outside of the university, outside of Kyushu, and overseas.

■Conclusion of Collaboration agreement with the University of Dhaka
■Conclusion of Collaboration agreement with Aalto University(ongoing)
■Symposium held jointly with and interns dispatched to EGG JAPAN(Entrepreneur Group for Growing JAPAN)(Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.)(ongoing)
■Collaboration with Sunbridge International(USA)(ongoing)
■Lectures conducted jointly with IDEO Tokyo(ongoing)
■Business Creation Camp with Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd.(ongoing)
■Join talent development consulting program with Nomura Research Institute(NRI)based on design thinking(ongoing)
■Collaboration with Fukuoka City:Innovation Studio Fukuoka(ongoing)

Public Relations and Information Dissemination

QREC engaged in the following activities for the purposes of public information and information dissemination as well as to improve and spread services for students and other users.

■Operation and improvement of the QREC website
・Expansion of website content and modification of user interfaces
・Improvement of advertising on the English-language website version

■Update and distribution of a QREC brochure (in English and Japanese)
■Update and distribution of educational programs
・In order to communicate actively with international students, we have started providing the course guide in English from the 2016 academic year.(new)
・Advertising of QREC educational content
・Revisions giving consideration to making content easy for students to understand

■Creation and distribution of Annual Report for 2015-2016
(Public information on QREC activities, in Japanese and English)

Increasing Organizational Efficiency and Improving the Educational Environment

The Intranet(Cybozu®)installed in the 2011 academic year. In the 2014 academic year, office10(Cybozu®)was upgraded.
In the 2015 academic year, we established the new Silicon Valley Room with the move to the Ito Campus. We inaugurated the QREC Studio equipped with digital devices. Three Windows laptops added for tuition.

Administration and Management of Incubation Facilities

Space was rented for laboratories (three rooms) on the university campus and for venture capital firms created at the university (two rooms).
Activities are suspended from the second semester of the 2015 academic year with the move to the Ito Campus.

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