Unique Programs and Projects

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action(ETA)

The educational programs provided by QREC aim to endow students with entrepreneurship in its broadest sense. The objective of the QREC educational programs is to raise the entrepreneurial thinking and action (ETA) of all the students at Kyushu University.
QREC aims at comprehensively providing various and diverse programs to heighten our students’ ETA.


Lectures (University-Wide Education and Joint Education with Graduate Schools)

All subjects in the curriculumn are available to all Kyushu University students to take as their minor.

Any student at Kyushu University is welcome to take any of the courses in this curriculum as their minor. As shown in the above chart, the QREC curriculum is designed so that students can learn entrepreneurial skills by taking a step-by-step approach, from “Basics” to “Practice.” First of all, it is important for students to become aware of the problems surrounding each of them as well as their own interests respectively. The next steps are for them to solve their problems, to enhance their creativity to generate ideas (“Idea Generation”), to get to know the target market to formulate strategies (“Marketing/Strategy”), to raise funds (”Finance”), and then to recruit and get together with peers to utilize group dynamics to expand their activities as an organization (“Organization/Group Dynamics”). QREC offers various courses so that students can acquire the knowledge and skills (“Knowledge/Tools”) necessary to achieve their goals, to integrate them (“Integration”), and then to put their ideas into practice.

Education-Related Events(Student Initiative Program)

At QREC, under the concept of “making the students” ideas take shape, we foster active learners who will be able to make an impact inside and outside Japan, and promote the challenge of creating innovative businesses.
There are several steps allowing them to learn through action-based experiences, with each stage providing challenging opportunities.

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Taking Education into the Digital Age

[Remote Learning Implemented] (3 subjects offered in 2017)

Kyushu University offers a campus-wide study support system for the convenience of the students and to assure that they opportunities to take classes. Using this system, QREC has instituted one additional lecture course on video that is broadcast simultaneously to the four campuses in Ito, Ohashi, Chikushi, and Hospital, making a total of seven subjects that are implemented in distance education.

[Expansion of use of the e-Learning system, Kyushu University]

The “Blackboard” Web-network-based learning support system introduced by Kyushu University in the fall of 2011 was upgraded, and with the introduction of the M2B Learning Support System, use of the system in the second semester of the 2015 academic year. The systems enables faculty members and students to share information regarding students’ class attendance/absences and submission of questionnaires/reports, as well as syllabuses for each course and course materials.

New Educational Methodologies

[Workshop Format]

The majority of QREC courses do not follow the format of one-way reception of the instructor’s lectures, but rather incorporate lectures in a participatory format (workshop style) that involves two-way dialogue with instructors, group discussion, and
opportunities for students to give presentations. Class sessions are all 180 minutes long, taking two consecutive periods, and they are organized to get students accustomed to thinking and acting for themselves.

[Lectures by Businesspersons]

QREC offers many lectures by business people who are active in the real world (as well as entrepreneurs, people who are active on the industry-government-university front). In addition to classroom lectures, these invited speakers talk to students from their experience as business people or otherwise give lectures rooted in reality. This is done to advance student understanding. In addition to the Entrepreneurship Semminar, Global Seminar and so on, in 2015 academic year, QREC invited more than 40 guest lecturers to Kyushu University for workshops and other special events.

[Case Studies]

In order to study events that have actually occurred and detailed models that more clisely resemble real life, a basic course entitled “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” and several practical courses including “Idea Lab I” and “Entrepreneurship Management I” that use case studies are offered. Some of the case studies are presented in English.

[Project-Based Learning (PBL)]

QREC is increasing the number of courses that use the PBL approach for learning by doing in small groups. This method is used in lectures that are placed on the practice-oriented side of the QREC curriculum as well as in a variety of educational projects so that students will not simply receive lecture contents as knowledge, but will learn about how ideas and technologies take on actual form as specific values in the real world.

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