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Common Facility 1, Room #204-2/QREC Studio



Current students and others(see below for more details)involved in C&C(Challenge and Creation), AC(Academic Challenge) and other QREC projects are able to use the QREC Studio located in Room #204-2 of the Common Facility 1 building. Click here form the map.
However, this does not apply when the form of usage does not match the consent for use items.
b_downloadE QREC Studio Reservation Request(For individuals)(Form1: Word file)
b_downloadE  QREC Studio User Consent Form (For individuals)(Form2: Word file)

QREC Studio Tools/Machine Tools Layout




State of reservations for QREC Studio



Rules Governing Use of the QREC Studio


※ Those using the studio are requested to download the “Rules Governing Use of the QREC studio” file, and read through it.


b_downloadE  Rules Governing Use of the QREC Studio(PDF file)


The below details the main parts of the rules.

Qualified Users
(1) QREC faculty and staff
(2) Students, student groups and registered participants engaged in a student project
(3) Anyone needing to use the studio in order to participate in a QREC lecture or program
(4) Students and student groups approved by the QREC Director General
(5) Associates of the Ohashi Fablab and others with access permission
(6) Individuals and groups designated by QREC to operate and maintain the QREC Studio

Usage Permission
1) Documents to be provided by anyone intending to use this facility

Anyone who intends to use this facility must first provide the following documentation.
(1) Reservation Request for the QREC Studio
(2) QREC Studio User Consent form
(3) Copy of the relevant student insurance or ancillary liability insurance forms

Period of Usage
1) Period of usage
In principle, the period of usage is one year. Registration information is to be deleted at the end of the student’s year of graduation.

2) Time of Use
In principle, the time of use is during QREC staff office hours, 9:00 to 17:00. All users must reserve time in advance.
When the use of machines is required for an extended period (over 24 hours), this information must be included at the time of application.

Number of Users
Up to four groups may use the facility each day.

Appropriate Usage
Users must use the QREC Studio appropriately, in keeping with its purpose.
・Upon learning that a user has violated the rules of the QREC Studio or the conditions of usage permission or compromised the administration of the facility, the administration shall immediately revoke the user’s usage permission and request that the user leave the QREC Studio.

User Fee
In principle, use of the facility is free. However, an exception may be made in the event that the equipment is damaged.

1) Response in case of damage

(1) If a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment is damaged
If a CNC mill coupling or cutting tool blade is damaged, the user shall pay to replace it.
*It must be judged whether the part was damaged or subject to simple wear and tear.
(2) If an entire machine is severely damaged
An assessment will be made of the conditions under which it broke.
(3) Replaceable parts
An assessment will be made based on the type of replaceable part.

Conclusion of Usage
If, upon conclusion of usage, the user’s permission is revoked as outlined in item 6, or if the user is asked to leave the workshop and forced to cancel work, the user must return all equipment, tools, and facilities to their original condition and leave in a timely manner.

Damage and Compensation

Any user responsible for the loss, damage, or defacement of equipment is responsible for providing appropriate compensation.

All QREC Studio users must endeavor to use the facility in keeping with the principles of public order and ethical use. In particular, violation of the rules below may result in cancelation of the period of use, limitations on use, and in some cases being banned from using the facility.
• Violating the rules governing use of the QREC Studio
• Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes in the QREC Studio
• Lighting a fire in the QREC Studio
• Failure to return desks and chairs to their original positions
• Failure to clean equipment, tools, and surfaces
• Occupying the workshop for an exceedingly long period of time
• Using the QREC Studio without reserving in advance, or reserving the workshop and failing to use it
• Losing, damaging, or inappropriately using equipment, or removing equipment or replaceable parts from the workshop
• Failure to lock windows and doors
• Failure to turn off lights and confirm the power is off
• Failure to tidy up the QREC Studio and dispose of garbage
• Other actions particularly inconsistent with public order and ethical use


<Safety management system>
Individuals using the QREC are requested to exercise caution when potentially dangerous equipment in the studio. Ensure that you are familiar with the contact system in case there are any accidents.


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