Core Faculty Members

Professor Hirofumi Taniguchi

Director General, QREC
Professor, Consultation & Office Operation Group, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University(AiRIMaQ)


Field of specialization:

Public Policy



Professor Hirofumi Taniguchi graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tokyo in 1977. After joining the Ministry of Finance, Professor Taniguchi worked on budget drafts and on numerous legislative bills. He subsequently served as Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau, Deputy Director-General of the Financial Services Agency, Director-General for Policy Planning for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and Professor at Kyushu University which he assumed in August 2009. At QREC, Professor Taniguchi serves as an instructor for the Practical Training Program for Regional Management. He also serves as Research and Planning Director for the Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center. His field of specialization is public policy.


○ Message to students

You may think that the public sector is intent on maintaining the status quo, and as a consequence is only weakly linked to innovation. However, the approach to coming up with a policy for addressing drastic socioeconomic structural changes is actually the same as that of an entrepreneur who, with a heightened awareness of the issues, sees a business opportunity for solutions to various needs and comes up with ideas, which then compete with ideas from other entrepreneurs. What drives innovative efforts to design a new society are a keen interest in and an ethos of challenging social issues, in other words – entrepreneurship. At QREC, we value a sense of excitement, a sense that our world is changing and that we are always on the brink of some fascinating occurrence.

Associate Professor Shingo Igarashi

Deputy Director General, QREC
Associate Professor, Startup Support Group, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University(AiRIMaQ)


Field of specialization:


Management strategy theory


○ Profile

Associate Professor Shingo Igarashi graduated from Otaru University of Commerce in 1983. He earned an MBA degree from the Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba in 2005. Before he joined Kyushu University in 2005, he had worked for the UFJ Bank (currently called the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ). As a member of the UFJ Bank, he was engaged in research and analysis of high-tech start-ups, and supported them in their business expansion, providing support to more than 300 new companies. He has served as a board member of the Advisory Board of the Japan Entrepreneurship Education Network for Higher Education (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry), and has solid experience in entrepreneurship education. Currently, he is a board member of the Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs.


○ Message to students

It is no exaggeration to say that your future depends on the variety of experiences you acquire in your student years. As a student, you have little to lose and much to gain, so now is the time to pursue your dreams with vigor. Learn from your failures, and they will bring you to success. “Take action. Change the world.” Just give this motto a try at QREC. We only get one life, so let’s make every moment fruitful and enjoyable.


Research Associate Professor Masaki Matsunaga

Robert. T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center(QREC)


Field of specialization:

Interpersonal and intercultural communication, Leadership development


○ Profile

Dr. Masaki Matsunaga has received the Fulbright Scholarship to study abroad and earned his Ph.D. in Communication Arts and Sciences from Pennsylvania State University, PA, U.S.A., in 2009 (MA in 2004 from Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan). After his return to Japan, Dr. Matsunaga has worked as an assistant professor of Waseda University (2008-2010) and Rikkyo University (2010-2015), then joined an education-focused venture firm, Institution for a Global Society, and provided consultation for various institutions. He also has directed overseas programs and industry-academics joint projects at College of Business of Rikkyo University. His research interests lie in the fields of interpersonal/intercultural/organizational communication and leadership development.


○ Message to students

Entrepreneurship is not about finding an answer; it is about the process of involving those who surround you and sharing your vision with them. No one prepares “the” answer for you (and, in fact, just searching and cherishing what others have made for their purposes would not be so exciting for your life, methinks). Rather, envision how you want to lead your life and share that vision with others who matter for you. Life is what you make of it. Be entrepreneurial.

Professor Megumi Takata

Department of Business and Technology Management

Faculty of Economics


Field of specialization:

University-Industry Collaboration,

Management of Technology (MOT),



○ Profile

Professor Megumi Takata belongs to the Department of Business and Technology Management of the Graduate School of Economics (Kyushu University Business School), as well as to QREC . After graduating from the School of Engineering of Kyushu University, he joined a leading manufacturing company. He studied R&D industry location issues and earned a Master of Engineering degree from the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyushu University. He worked as a consultant, and then served as Executive Vice-President and COO of CASTI (a technology licensing organization that is currently called TODAI TLO) before assuming his current position. He also worked as the leader of the Technology Transfer Group at the Intellectual Property Management Center of Kyushu University until March 2010. From 2005 to 2010, he served as Advisor to the President for the revitalization of university activities, advancement of entrepreneurship education , and more. In 2009, he stayed in the United States to conduct research as a Robert T. Huang Fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT Entrepreneurship Center.


○ Message to students

Entrepreneurship is a challenge to the status quo. If you just let the days go by, nothing will change. However, if you sharpen your senses and observe things attentively, you’ll find the world is filled with opportunities. I expect that you will acquire the knowledge and abilities you will need to find your own opportunities, to accomplish what you want, and to carve out a successful life for yourself by actively participating in the classes and various programs of QREC.


Professor Yasuyuki Hirai

Design Strategy

Faculty of Design


Field of specialization:

Interior Design, Office Design, Interior Product Design, Inclusive Design


○ Profile

Professor Yasuyuki Hirai joined the faculty of design of the Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan since 2000. He has more than 20 years of experience as a designer and design consultant, working for KOKUYO, the largest office furniture manufacturer in Japan and IDEO in USA. His expertise is in the areas of social innovation design such as inclusive design and design thinking as well as office design, both for innovative approaches to realize human and knowledge centric solutions. He received M.phil with distinction from the Royal College of Art, UK in 1990, and his design works received numerous design awards including the Red Dot Award in Germany, the Good Design Award and the Kids Design Award in Japan.


Message to students

Non design students tend to think that there is no relation between their study and design, or they are interested in, but they feel they cannot. Design thinking is an approach not only for designers but for all the people including non design students to discover issues and create solutions together for the design of social innovation. Observe and record what you feel strange in your daily life, and ideate solutions from your own experience. That’s the beginning of design thinking.


Professor Yuichi Harada

Research Strategy Group, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University(AiRIMaQ)
Global Innovation Center


Field of specialization:

Nanoscience and nanotechnology
International collaboration between academia and industry
Management of technology


○ Profile

He has earned the Ph. D. degree from Department of Applied Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech) in 1991.
After graduated from TokyoTech, he was eager to study single electronics which he believed to become next generation devices. Then, he made a research proposal to Chalmers University of Technology (CTH) in Sweden and moved to CTH. Achiving good results at CTH, he moved back to Japan to join NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL).
Although he engaged in his research projects, NTT had the time for its reorganization by Japanese government.
Eventually he was transferred to the international business section, where he dealt with several large M&As. Again, he returned back to researches at NTT BRL and conducted the establishment of NTT Europe laboratory which is located in Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford University.
In 2015, he has become a professor at Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, Kyushu University and dealt with international collarobartions as well as entrepreneurship.


Message to students

I can imagine how you are busy at studies and research projects, but have you ever thought what is your future business?
There are many ways for your future: continously working at researches, moving to a company, or starting up your own business.
Everything you experinced at the University and society can save you if you know how to ustilze all of them.
In my lecture, I will give you the opprtunity to rethink your activities and discuss how to realise yourself and open up your own way.


Associate Professor Masaki Kumano

Startup Support Group
The Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University (AiRIMaQ)


Field of specialization:

Entrepreneurship, Startup Support


○ Profile

Associate Professor Kumano graduated from the Faculty of Commerce of Doshisha University in 1997. After completion of the course requirements, he subsequently withdrew from the doctoral program of the Graduate School of Commerce of Doshisha University. Following on from his academic studies, he worked at a bank, a consulting company, a company producing TV programs and a listed IT venture company. In 2005, he launched a management consulting company. He has previously been a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University, researcher at Kobe University, and associate professor at the Center for Education and Innovation of Sojo University. He holds a Ph.D. in Commerce.
Presented with Award for Best Professor at the University Venture Grand Prix 2015, by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Author of Realization of the Entrepreneurial Society, Nakanishiya Publishing, 2014.

Cooperating teacher


Associate Professor Kosuke Kaneko

Cybersecurity Center in Kyushu University
Lecturer of Faculty of Art in Kyushu Sangyo University
Lecturer of Game/Media Design in Kyushu Zokei College


○ Profile

Kosuke Kaneko entered Ph.D. course of Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering in Kyushu University in 2008. In his Ph.D. course, he launched their own software development company with his lab. members. He engaged as an engineer in the company. On Jan. in 2013, he completed the Ph.D. coursework without degree. On Feb. in 2013, he worked as a technical staff of Innovation Center for Educational Resource (ICER) in Kyushu University Library. His works were network management and software development. On Apr. in 2013, he joined Faculty of Art in Kyushu Sangyo University as a lecturer of his side work. On Mar. in 2014, he was awarded Ph.D. from Kyushu University. On Apr. in 2014, he became an assistant professor in ICER and started research of Learning Analytics. On Apr. in 2016, he joined Game/Media Design in Kyushu Zokei College as a lecturer of his side work. From Jun. in 2016, he assumes an associate professor of Cybersecurity Center in Kyushu University Currently, his works are education for cultivating security engineers and research for IoT security.

○ Message to students

I hope that you learn not only knowledge of your major but also other knowledge widely around your major and obtain a mind for objectively judging our social situations. And also, I hope that you also acquire skills to practice your idea for solving and challenging against the complexed social situations and build your foundation to contribute our society. By acquiring the knowledge and skills, the possibility that you can contribute to the society will be expand. In my lecture, I would like to tell the knowledge and skills to you.

○ Lecture at QREC

Digital Fabrication Tutorial

Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University
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