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QREC Jump Out Challenge

-Compete with parties outside of the University!

Let’s try out your idea planー

QREC Jump Out Challenge

The participation of Kyushu University students in off-campus domestic business contests and project contests is encouraged. The students are able to ascertain their own standing through the experience of interaction and matches outside the university, and this helps them to acquire the ability to look at things from a broad perspective and execute their projects.


Call for participations in the 2017 J.O.C


The project must consist of members who are undergraduates or post graduate students at Kyushu University.
*In some cases QREC may approve the participation of a working adult as a mentor in the project.
*Multiple applications in which the same person is the leader will not be accepted. However, it is possible for the leader of one project to be a member of another one.
*It is preferable that the participation of those who have excelled in C&C and Idea Battles is obtained.

Themes of call for applications

The following five themes are recommended
(1) ICT (Including Web business)
(2) Green tech(environmental technologies)
(3) Bid data(statistical analysis)
(4) Base of the pyramid(BOP)
(5) Agri-bio/Healthcare

*In principal participation will be in contests based on the themes listed above.

Participation target contests

Please see the following contests.
<Target contests List>
*Confirm the details of the contests like the application period.

1. Grand Prize Fukuoka Ruby Award: ICT
2. Business Plan Contest by Universities(New Business Committee)
3. University Campus Grand Prix(Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry)
4. Future Dream Idea Contest(Educational Supporting Event for science and engineering students)
5. IBM Bluemix Challenge Applications Development Contest
6. X-Tech Innovation(ICT)
7. Hult Prize 2018 Challenge (Domestic qualifying)(http://www.hultprize.org/challenge/

In principle, participation in the contest will be based on the above.
However, if students want to participate in other contests besides the ones on the list QREC will consider and may add the contest to the list.
If a contest is too easy like simply to pitch an idea, it will not apply in this case.

Amount of grants

Funds will be granted for participation fees, transport costs and building of prototypes etc.
*The funds will be granted in line with the Kyushu University accounting regulations. It will not take the form of a one-off cash payment.

Applications/Screening method

The deadlines for competitions vary.

Download the application form from this page, fill out all the information and send it from the Entry.
If you have additional forms for the subject contest, download J.O.C(General A) application form – form 1 and If you don’t, download J.O.C(General B) application form – form 2.
In case of J.O.CGeneral A) application form applicants, prepare the application form for the subject contest in the digital file in PDF format which is necessary to submit.

b_download  J.O.C(General A) application form – form 1

b_download  J.O.C(General B) application form – form 2


Deadline:Tuesday, December 26th, 2017



Your applications are examined by QREC and the results come out within a month after the deadline. In some cases, a presentation or a prototype is required.

Final Presentation

A report of the state , the result and the achievement of the applicants is required.
The time for the final presentation depends on the contests that applicants participate in.

For selected applicants:
Permission to get advice by adults or adult students.
Approved to receive mentoring by QREC instructors.

Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University
Common Facility 1, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan Phone:+81-92-802-6060 Fax:+81-92-802-6065