Startup simulation program at the Kyushu University (QSHOP)


Startup simulation program at the Kyushu University (QSHOP) offers the entrepreneurs of tomorrow the opportunity to start businesses today by
setting up and managing stalls at the university’s Kyudaisai Festival.

Students also establish a business organization as a part of this effort. Through this process, the “entrepreneurs” learn the basics of business management and get to experience what it’s like to actually run a company.

Not only do they set up the stall and conduct sales activities, they also announce a business plan and hold a general shareholders meeting.

They also receive support from real-life sponsors (“venture capitalists”), certified public accountants, judicial scriveners, bank employees and so on.

This project-based learning (PBL) program allows students to actually experience the process of setting up a company using real money.

The objective of the program is for each team to maximize its Return on Equity (ROE).

In the process of determining the final rankings, they also learn about the activities of the other teams that are their business competitors.


develop business plan → start new company → present the business plan and evaluate by VC → receive investment → open and operate the Shop → prepare Financial Statements → Audit → Shareholder meeting

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Early July Orientation / Opening Lecture
August 9 (TUE.) ,2016 Business plan presentation and Extermination board
Each team of entrepreneurs announces its business plan and negotiates with potential sponsors (“venture capitalists”), and then finalizes its business plan and investment ratio.
November the day before the Kyudaisai Festival,Various formalities / preparations taken care of Establishment of companies and preparations for sales activities.
November 19 (Sat.), NOVEMBER 20 (Sun.) ,2016 Kyudaisai Festival:Sales activities
Venue for entrepreneurs to present what they have prepared.
Mid December or Early January, 2017 General Meeting of Stockholders and Awards Ceremony
Balance sheets recognized, business reports created. Dividends calculated, companies liquidated
Last February, 2017 C&C 2016 Final presentation
Presentation of activities for this program

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