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Student Initiative Program

Student Initiative Program
QREC offers the following specialty projects.

Idea Battle

QREC offer the opportunities to brush up the projects or bisiness planswhich students keep in their mind and still remain in an idea stage,and we newly establish “Idea Battle” as a preliminary step beforestudents apply to the various events like QREC C&C project,
business plan contests held outside Kyushu University and so on.

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to support@qrec.kyushu-u.ac.jp

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Challenge & Creation(C&C)

Kyushu University started C & C in 1997 with the motto, “Set out from campus on the wind for creation and challenge.” C & C supports unique research projects that are proposed by graduate or undergraduate students.

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Academic Challenge(AC)

AC is a research grant intended for students who are enrolled in a graduate school at Kyushu University. Participating students carry out all the processes of research by themselves, from designing their research plan and searching for funding to carrying out their research activities.

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Global Challenge & Creation(G.C&C)

The purpose of the Global Challenge & Creation program is to provide students a real-world value-creation experience and to develop their global perspective, facility for innovation, and entreneurship. The prpgram provides a variety of opportunities for entering overseas contests for business plans, engineering, and hackathons.

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Jamp Out Challege(J.O.C)

Our project encourages students to participate in business or project
contests in order to confirm their own skills by experiencing them with a
variety of students and supports those students to acquire the ability to
perform a project from a wide perspective.

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