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What do you think the word "entrepreneurship" means?

In Japan, the word itself is not yet familiar, and some may say that they do not understand it well to begin with, but many people may somehow take it to mean something like "setting up a business" or "start-up.

Definition Definition of Entrepreneurship

To begin with, the term entrepreneurship has been defined in various ways by our predecessors,
There is a widely referenced academic view today.It would be, for example

  • "Entrepreneurship as the process by which 'opportunities to create future goods and services are discovered, evaluated, and exploited.'"

    Shane and Venkataraman(2000)

  • 'A way of thinking, acting, and reasoning that results from a combination of leadership, integrative approach, and opportunity orientation.'

    Babson College(2005)

Kyushu University defines entrepreneurship education as "education that aims to equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that will enable them to bring about innovation in society through the process of discovering, evaluating, and utilizing opportunities for value creation".

The essence of entrepreneurship is...

Natural ability and talent has nothing to do with it.

The purpose of entrepreneurship research, which originally began in the 1980s in Europe and the United States, was to create innovation in society. In one study that examined the conditions for so-called "innovators" who evolve society through creative destruction, the researchers initially focused on startup executives and analyzed their characteristics, but gradually came to realize that "human qualities have nothing to do with it."

The starting point of entrepreneurship is...

The only thing that makes a difference is "action."

The only clear difference between those who are called innovators and those who are not, who are representative of those who embody entrepreneurship, is the number of times they have experienced this opportunity, and that is why innovators have also experienced more failures than others. By turning on the "action mode" switch and accumulating more and more experiences, the "innovator component," which lies dormant in every person, will be awakened without fear.

For those who think "I can turn on the action mode, all that's left is the opportunity."