Message from Dr. Robert T. Huang

To be an entrepreneur, you must always be aware of the “sense of crisis” and have an eye for “analyzing opportunities”. Above all, it is important to “take action”.

Japanese companies are notoriously slow to accept change, and in fact, change is often very slow. I have not only successfully founded companies in the U.S., but also quickly restructured two mid-sized Japanese IT companies.

My experience has shown that Japanese companies are not inherently unable to adapt to rapid change, but that in many cases their leaders do not know what to change and when, and are extremely reluctant to take the risk of change.

To put it more correctly, if the leaders of a Japanese company know what they are doing and are willing to take risks, the organization will respond immediately and produce results. To be an entrepreneur, we must always be aware of the “sense of crisis,” have an eye for “analyzing opportunities,” and “taking action. After all, it is only “action” that produces results.

If the people of Kyushu University had not “acted” boldly, QREC would never have been born. I would like to emphasize this. I would like to express my sincere respect for your bold “action”.

Founder and former Chairman of SYNNEX Corporation / Honorary Doctor of Kyushu University

Dr. Robert T. Huang

Dr. Robert T. Huang