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Challenges with a global perspective!Overseas Programs

The following four programs are applied and practical subjects of QREC, which provides advanced and systematic entrepreneurship-related education, and are comprehensive programs to be undertaken on a global level.

Overall Overseas Program Goals

  1. To acquire the skills and mindsets that constitute world-class entrepreneurship.
  2. To learn the steps to identify issues on their own, learn the means and processes to solve them, and put them into practice.
  3. To communicate locally and experience different cultures as a place for practical English study.
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

    Through programs in Japan and a local program in Boston, U.S.A., participants will learn the startup founding process from team formation to establishing the initial business idea. Participants will work as a team to come up with a business plan while attending workshops led by leading experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from companies in Japan and abroad. They also create prototypes and eventually present their results to the public. Through this series of programs, students acquire world-class entrepreneurship skills.

  • SDGs Entrepreneurship

    With an eye on the SDGs (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development), participants will learn knowledge and applied skills to find solutions. With the theme of solving social issues, let's gain hands-on experience in the process of developing final products and services using design thinking methods, and acquire the methods and challenging spirit to discover issues, create new ideas, and solve problems. Fieldwork will also be conducted!

  • Global PBL Program

    This course is offered in conjunction with the Graduate School of Art and Design and Departmental Courses (Global Design Project / Art and Engineering Special Project V).

    This is a PBL class conducted in cooperation with Aalto University in Finland. Students will propose concrete solutions to social issues using design thinking and design fiction methods.
    By working together with overseas universities to study solutions, we aim to improve our understanding of society, our international sensibilities, and our problem-solving skills!

  • Venture Life Challenge

    There are two programs, one domestic and one international.
    In Japan, students from different nationalities, universities, majors, etc., with diverse knowledge and experience will form a team and work as short-term interns at a company, taking on the challenge of solving fundamental management issues presented by the company.
    Overseas, students form mixed teams with local students and are dispatched as interns to local startup companies or participate in programs that allow them to experience the actual entrepreneurial process.