TOPトライするS.I.P Support for Students’ Creative Activities

S.I.P Support for Students’ Creative Activities

Student Initiative Programs Support for students' creative activities

In a more practical setting,
Why don't you give shape to your ideas?

In addition to credit-earning classes, QREC offers another pillar of the program, which provides students with opportunities for practical work. Students are invited to apply for projects regardless of their department, major, individual or group, etc. If accepted, they can work toward the realization of their ideas and plans under the support of QREC.

Some of our seniors have participated in this program and received awards in on- and off-campus business plan competitions, including overseas, or have taken their own projects to the next level to the point of starting their own businesses. In addition, at Challenge & Creation (C&C), winning teams have the opportunity to meet and receive awards from the Chancellor.

\Please check the application guidelines for each program and give it a try!/