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QREC Premium Members Accreditation

QREC-recognized student clubs since 2017
“QREC Premium Members” certification program was launched.
This supports independent activities by students.
Student clubs, mainly consisting of Kyushu University students, are eligible to apply.
We hope you will make use of this information to enhance your activities.

QREC Premium Members Logo

Types of QREC Premium Members

Type 1
Accreditation for voluntary activities, on par with the best C&C award winners. Accreditation period of 3 years.
Type 2
C&C adopters, etc., actively mentoring, etc. Accreditation period 1 year.
Type 3
Accompanied by a voluntary application by an Idea Battle adopter or student.
The period of accreditation is within the project application period (maximum 1 year).

Support from QREC

Once certified as a QREC Premium Member, you will receive the following support

  1. Only Type 1 Primus may receive financial support from the Center up to 100,000 yen. A budget will be submitted at the time of application for accreditation and discussed at the Center’s faculty meeting for approval or disapproval.
  2. QREC Premium Members are eligible for mentoring by QREC faculty and staff.
  3. QERC Premium Members have access to common facilities owned by QREC.
  4. QREC Premium Members may use the inter-club message board area to be located in the common facilities.

Requirements, Application Forms, etc.

Related to requirements

  • Requirements for QREC Premium Members Certification
  • Attachment _ QREC Premium Members Type
  • Compliance and Other Matters Concerning Student Club Members and Supporting Members

Written application

  • QREC Premium Members Certification Application Form (Japanese version)

【Where to apply】challengeinfo★

Please change ★ to @ in your e-mail address.

Various other forms

  • Participation Form for Training Camps and Consecutive Night Events (Japanese version)
  • Participation in Off-Campus Events (Japanese version)

Approved Circles

Circles to be certified in FY2024

Type 1
QUSIS(Kyushu University Start-up Club) web
Kyushu Bioinformatics Community web
Kyushu University PLANET-Q web
GLEAP web Circle Activities
Kyushu University Robocon Team KURT web
Gene Rate web
Kyushu University Birdman Team web
Kyushu University Humanoid Project web
Kyushu University Robotics Associationweb
  • As of April 2024