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Overview and Philosophy


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The Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University (QREC) is a comprehensive education and research center for entrepreneurship established through a centennial donation by Dr. Robert Huang, a Kyushu University alumnus who was a highly successful entrepreneur in the United States.

About Entrepreneurship
Providing opportunities for students to learn on their own

QREC provides students with opportunities to gain experience and knowledge so that they can realize their dreams and become people who can create new value anywhere in the world. QREC supports each and every one of its students to meet their challenges!

Active Learning
Teaching methods to help students learn more actively

QREC lectures are designed to provide students with exciting experiences through a variety of methods, including student-participatory style, such as discussions among students regardless of their affiliation, active invitation of guests who are active in various fields, design thinking, project-based learning, and workshops. The program is designed to provide students with exciting experiences through various methods, such as design thinking, project-based learning, and workshops. We provide opportunities for students to "actively learn" rather than for teachers to "teach" students.


Taking on the challenge of creating new value
Developing Global Leaders

  • Ranked as one of the best in Asia
    Aiming to be an educational and research organization

    By providing advanced entrepreneurship-related education, emphasizing students "creating the future" on their own and Kyushu University will produce world-class leaders who are independent, ambitious, globally minded, and proactive in creating new value*¹.

    *¹: New value creation refers to the creation of innovation in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and other fields, or in fields that integrate these fields.

  • The next generation on the world stage
    Developing Global Leaders

    We aim to nurture entrepreneurial human resources in the broad sense of the term, who will train "people who initiate new things" and "people who try to change society" in all fields of society, including large corporations, academia, etc., not limited to venture business startups.

  • Entrepreneurship in the region
    Establish a hub for fostering

    We also collaborate with national and local governments, corporations, and universities in Japan and abroad to implement programs in diverse learning environments. We develop programs that take advantage of the characteristics of each university and region to create synergy.


QREC is based on the following four points,
Each of these initiatives is interrelated.

  • Education

    First in Japan to provide consistent and systematic entrepreneurship education for all students (undergraduate and graduate)

    Entrepreneurship education in a broad sense, integrating MOT education, etc.

  • Research

    Research on entrepreneurship and educational methods that respond to contemporary needs

    In order to respond to the diverse and new trends of today, such as business in emerging economies and social entrepreneurship, each faculty member conducts research activities that make the most of his or her field of expertise.

  • Social

    Practical, industry-academia collaboration

    In order to provide interactive, participatory, hands-on, and practical education, we actively collaborate with industry to provide human resources and educational opportunities. We encourage the building of networks not only among Kyushu University students, but also outside the university and in the local community, transcending the boundaries of specialized fields.

  • Organization and Operation

    Fusion and Diversity

    We will plan and implement education in mutual cooperation with various departments within the university.

    Emphasis on globalization

    We will collaborate with major universities and other institutions around the world to provide international education.