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2017/08/01【Join!】Call for participation the 2017 G.C&C and 2017 J.O.C

Call for participation the 2017 G.C&C and 2017 J.O.C

“Global Challenge and Creation the 2nd entries” is now open for entries.

Global Challenge and Creation(G.C&C)provides opportunities for students to compete directly with overseas students in student business plan competitions, and gives them experience in the process of turning their ideas into practical services and goods that will bring value to society. Its purpose is to foster and let students acquire a fully-fledged entrepreneurship that will achieve results in international society, and a sense of innovation and globalism. Plenty of chances are given for students to apply to take part in overseas business plan competitions and hachkathons, and support is provided through mentoring and financial aid for air fares and so on.

<Target Contests List>
*Confirm the details of the contests like the application period.

● 2017 TECO Green Tech Contest (Taipei:August, 2017 URL:http://www.tecofound.org.tw/greentech-contest/2017/
● Isis Innovation Idea Idol(Oxford University)
● MIT Global Startup Workshop Business Plan Competition
● International Business Model Competition
● Sustainable Campus International Competition
● IBM MASTER The Mainframe Contest
● ASES Summit(URL:http://ases.stanford.edu/summit/
● 1776 CHALLENGE CUP in TOKYO(URL:http://www.1776.vc/challenge-cup/
● BMC COMPETITION JAPAN(URL:http://japan-bmc.com/
● SXSW(http://sxsw.jp/award/

Note: In case of participation in contests overseas after winning the domestic competition, you might be offered an extra grant upon review.

Challenging a world of globalization!

For more details about G.C&C, please click here.

“Jump Out Challenge the 2nd entries” is now open for entries.

The participation of Kyushu University students in off-campus domestic business contests and project contests is encouraged. The students are able to ascertain their own standing through the experience of interaction and matches outside the university, and this helps them to acquire the ability to look at things from a broad perspective and execute their projects.

<Target contests List>
*Confirm the details of the contests like the application period.
● Grand Prize Fukuoka Ruby Award: ICT
● Business Plan Contest by Universities(New Business Committee)
● University Campus Grand Prix(Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry)
● Future Dream Idea Contest(Educational Supporting Event for science and engineering students)
● IBM Bluemix Challenge Applications Development Contest
● X-Tech Innovation(ICT)

For more details about J.O.C, please click here.

Now, accepting the 2nd entries for 2017 !!

Deadline:Friday, September 22, 2017
Friday, September 29, 2019

The application has been closed. Thank you.



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