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FSE 2nd FD Program

FSE 2nd FD Program

“Why do people want to start their own business?


This is also positioned as an FD program of the Fukuoka School of Entrepreneurship (FSE), which is part of the supplementary budget of MEXT Japan FY 2021 “a Program of Start-up incubation from COre REsearch (SCORE: University Promotion Type)”


The aim is to gradually create a common foundation for global standard entrepreneurship education among universities in Fukuoka City.


About FSE 2nd FD Program

Date: Tuesday, November23,2021 13:30~16:00

Hybrid holding of face to face and online

Place: Startup Café  



Why is it necessary for students to explore themselves for entrepreneurship education by Professor Shingo Igarashi, Entrepreneurship center, Kyushu University


The strategy of REAPRA aiming to create entrepreneurs by solving long-term social issues

Opportunity/background for fusion of business creation approach and mental dialogue approach by Mr. Shuhei Moroto, REAPRA Group Founder & CEO, Founder of SMS Corporation


“Status of Entrepreneurship Education at Universities by REAPRA” by Mr. Kazushige Hirata, Founder & CEO of Jiko Co., Ltd. (former REAPRA Corporate Planning) and Mr. Yuri Kamada, REAPRA Corporate Planning


General discussion

Coordinator: Professor Shingo Igarashi, Entrepreneurship center, Kyushu University

【Implementation report】

Entrepreneurship education needs to create a catch-ball opportunity between the “external world” part of the entrepreneurial process and the “internal world” who I am and what you really want to achieve. Overseas educators are also actively providing opportunities to ask students “Who am I?”

In this part, Mr. Shuhei Moroto, who was a serial entrepreneur himself and raised the first company to a partly listed company, looks back on his own life based on his own experience, clarifying the events and human beings that influenced him, and recognizing the process of establishing his own identity. He runs a training program.

 At Kyushu University, the part of the inner world is arranged into an educational program through the REPRA program.

In this subcommittee, Mr. Shuhei Moroto and Mr. Kazushige Hirata, who actually design and operate the educational program, talked about the actual situation after talking about the above design from Professor Shingo Igarashi. Over 40 people participated in the event, both online and face-to-face, and it was a great success. We would like to thank everyone who came and attended.