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Idea Battle 2nd 2022 Adopters Decided!

Idea Battle 2nd 2022 – Adopters Decided!

On Sunday, October 23, the judging for the Idea Battle 2nd 2022 was held at the “ToP” on the 7th floor of Ito Campus Center Building No. 5.
Fourteen teams gave one-minute elevator pitches in front of a panel of five judges.
Although the presentations were only one minute long, all teams put their passion for adoption into them.
Each team’s presentation was followed by an 8-minute question and answer session.
After careful screening, nine projects were selected.
Students belonging to School of Engineering,School of Law,School of Economics,School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation,
School of Letters,School of Agriculture and Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering were selected for the program.

The selected teams will receive up to 100,000 yen in funding to realize their plans.

Idea Battle is a program in which QREC supports students’ unique ideas.
Over the next three to four months, the students will conduct field research and refine their ideas, ultimately developing a solid business plan.
The students will run through to the Results Briefing scheduled to be held in February and the preparation of a report on the results.

Good luck!!!

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