TOP講義・イベント情報【2022】QREC Open House to be held in the second semester

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【2022】QREC Open House to be held in the second semester

【2022】QREC Open House

◆ Open House Information ◆

The schedule for the second semester QREC Open House has been set.
 During the first semester, there were many students visit and we were able to listen their talk, for the second semester we will start with thinking more plans.

We would like to be a place where many students can easily gather. Please tell your friends too and come to join with us.

And, QREC not only offer classes for starting a business.
It’s okay to be involved even if you don’t want to start a business.
You can think of it as a place where you can experience methods, ideas, and experiences that will help you in the future.

We would like to be involved with many students.
The teachers at QREC are very friendly, so please feel free to talk with them.

◤ Notice of event holding

  ✔ QREC Open House Second semester Every Friday 16:30-18:00 (Time has changed for the second semester)

  ✔ Ito Campus Center Building No. 6 2nd Floor BasE

◤ How to participate

  ✔ Feel free to join or not join, come and go.

 ⚑ You can come here for a chance to make friends!      ♞ You can even use it while you’re waiting for class!
 ♨ You can use it for meetings with friends!      ✎ You can come here to study!
 ✿ You can come here to relax in a daze!      ♪ You can even come here to read a book!

 ♕ You can come here to figure out what you are going to do! 


◤ Upcoming Events

   Updates are made as needed.
   Please refer to the event announcement poster and website for event details.
   If you do not attend the event, please come as usual.
   If you need consultation or advice, please ask a teacher or staff member who will be present at the event.