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【2023】Global Seminar in English

Global Seminar (English) 2023 *English Courses

“Entrepreneurs can change the world.”
In this 2-day program, you will learn the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, with examples from a global perspective.
How will you change after attending this lecture?

Lecture Guide

 This 2-day program, Dr. Yamakawa who is invited from Babson College, U.S.A., will provide participants with an opportunity to learn theory and practice, including case studies.
Dr. Yamakawa is a Ph.D. at Babson College, which is the No. 1 in entrepreneurship education in the United States.
Dr. Yamakawa, who is very popular, has written lectures and books related to fostering entrepreneurship around the world.
We hope that many people will attend this popular lecture, which will include case studies of failures and dilemmas he has faced.

The lecture will be given in collaboration with five universities and the Fukuoka School of Entrepreneurship (FSE).
There is no doubt that it will be a wonderful time for two days in July. We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

The theme of the lecture is “Entrepreneurs can change the world! It will be interesting to see your own changes after the lecture!

 Lecture schedule : July 1 (Sat) & 2 (Sun)
 Lecture time : 9:30~17:30
 Course requirement : English Communication Skill
 Venue : Auditorium, Airefu Kaikan ⇒Click here for access map


 Course Registration Deadline :  4/11 (Tue) – 6/18 (Sun)

Course Cancellation Period:6/19 (Mon) – 6/21 (Wed)
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*FSE is an abbreviation for Fukuoka School of Entrepreneurship, one of the Fukuoka Future Creation Platform projects. The goal is to open the door to entrepreneurship education for all university students in the Fukuoka metropolitan area, to produce entrepreneurially minded individuals, and to attract a diverse range of human resources to Fukuoka.

福岡未来プラットフォーム FSE FUKUOKA School of Entrepreneurship