Lectures and Events

Study Abroad 2023

QREC will participate in the Study Abroad Fair in 2023!

◆April 25 (Tuesday), 16:40 – @ Center Bldg. 6, 2nd floor BasE

『 JTW x QREC collaboration project “World Tour”. 』

This event can be enjoyed by both those who are considering studying abroad and those who are not.
First of all, you can get to know the cultures and people of various countries.
It is a fun event that will make you feel like you are traveling around the world.
◆April 27 (Thursday) 16:40 – @ Center Bldg. 6, 2nd floor BasE

『 Study Abroad Fair x QREC Guidance

Teachers and students talk about QREC’s short-term overseas programs! 』

We will have a panel discussion with the faculty members in charge of the short-term program.
What is the short-term program like? What can I learn? How much does it cost? This is a great chance to ask them about their experiences.
We will find out the appeal of QREC’s short-term overseas programs!

◆Schedule (tentative)
16:40~  Introduction to QREC and Short-term Programs
17:10~  People who have experienced it talk about the actual situation! (Panel discussion format)
17:40~  Individual consultation (You can freely consult with seniors and teachers individually!)
18:10   Scheduled to end

List of Study Abroad Information

*We will update information on study abroad in 2023 as needed.

Global PBL Program
【Application period】~ 5/31 (Wed)
【Number of applicants】About 20 persons (with selection)
【Course Registration Page】 → Click here to apply(https://forms.gle/oG341R3Cp6dQfcVn7)

SDGs Entrepreneurship
【Application period】~ 6/9 (Fri)
【Number of applicants】25 (If the number of students exceeds the limit, there will be a selection process.)
【Course Registration Page】 → Click here to apply(https://forms.gle/B4VWf21ePDYSMEQ69)

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
【Application period】~ 6/5 (Mon) *Attendance at the information session on May 22 is a prerequisite for registration.
【Number of applicants】About 20 persons (with selection)
【Course Registration Page】 → Click here to apply(https://forms.gle/Nt4t35K8n9GDzUkE6)